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Prayers work even for the grouchy

Acts of Faith Oscar the Grouch
Oscar the Grouch

Father Peter Fennessey of the Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan tells this funny story of an answered prayer… a migraine headache is instantly cured, with extra benefits.

One day, former retreat house director James S. was unable to sleep for hours because of a migraine headache. So he went down to the gathering room to watch some TV, no matter what was on. He hoped that any noise and motion would distract him from the pain. Surprisingly, despite it being the middle of the night, another priest was already there, watching TV. This guy was a grouchy old fella, and Father James was a bit afraid of him, so he took a seat several feet away, in the back. Father James, being in pain, couldn’t help making some sounds of discomfort on occasion, and this disturbed the grouchy guy, who gruffly asked, "What's the matter with you?" When Fr. James told him, he said "Come up here."

James hesitated because he thought the man was going to hit him. "Come up here," the old priest said. When James came up the old guy put his hands of James' shoulder and said, "Lord Jesus, heal this poor sick bastard, so he can get some sleep, and I can get some peace!" The migraine went away instantly, and they both went back to their preferred activities.

We're not claiming that God answer's everyone's prayer so instantly. But we're claiming this was funny. - Bill Schaef.

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Last modified on March 18, 2014

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