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God helped Caregiver without being asked. Gave her energy to continue after the point of exhaustion.

Acts of Faith God helped Caregiver without being asked. Gave her energy to continue after the point of exhaustion.

At the time this Godly coincidence occurred, 'Yellowdog' (I don't know her real name... she is a participant in Amazon's Askville in the Spirituality and Religion forum, like I am) was overwhelmed and exhausted from taking care of a dying woman who never questioned God's existence Yellowdog, by contrast, was indifferent to whether God existed or not, and, despite her own exhaustion and the dying lady's extreme suffering, refused to directly seek God's help for her own sake or for the dying lady's sake. I find it wonderful that God apparently 'jumped in' and gave her what she needed even when she refused to ask or to believe it could be possible. The Godly coincidence evidently was striking, and it has the effect on Yellowdog to convince her that God really does exist.

Here is 'Yellowdog" writing:

I once felt "led" to stop at a yard sale -- I walked around aimlessly but picked up two record albums and bought them for $1 each. One was a children's record that was for physical education / dance instructors, the other was a Gaither Trio children's record from 1980.

Later, I felt led to give them to a drama instructor at Lindenwood Christian Church who I didn't know very well. Feeling stupid I brought them to church not really knowing what to do, but had my opportunity, and oddly nervous I told him that I really didn't know why but I felt God wanted me to give him these two records.

He was really wowed and shocked and thought he was dreaming. They were HIS records that disappeared from a church office in 1989, and he was trying to get duplicates on eBay to no avail. He even showed me where he had attempted to write his name on one of them as a child. He had prayed that God would help him find these records on the internet.

Rarely are miracles this obvious. Just a chance meeting in the street or meeting the right person in an unlikely place, or an unlikely/impossible chain of events that others don't believe, are examples.

A Grace of God... is something that could not have happened without God's intervention.

This incident, about the records, did nothing to better the world situation or anyone's suffering. But it happened to me when I was overwhelmed with the care of another person who was suffering in the extreme and I was indifferent to whether God existed or not, and refused to pray even with her or for myself. I do know now that I alleviated her suffering and helped her endure to the end; someone who never questioned God's existence.

I do not know why God allowed such a pure faith (this lady I was caring for) to suffer this way, or take her home. But the record incident is, for me at least, irrefutable proof that I needed, to endure to the end.

On Aug. 31, I wrote Yellowdog to ask permission to reprint her story. The same day, she responded:

Absolutely -- I rarely tell it because it's really TOO hard for any third party to believe, but for me, it affirmed God's reality and His absolute control and sovereignty at a time when I was so burnt out and even angry at God for not doing more to help me because I had exhausted everything helping someone else.

Some will say, "if God did that, then why won't God do thus-and-such."

Well, I don't know. And I don't care. I know He's real and His promises too. The Bible is full of people in anguish, begging God "why --- ?" but God is in control, and our suffering here matters nothing in light of eternity.

In re-reading Yellowdog's story, I noticed that despite her claim to being indifferent to God, she nonetheless responded three times to what God 'led' her to do: To buy those specific records, to take them to a specific person, and to overcome significant embarrassment to say "I felt God wanted me to give you these...". She gives God all the credit, but had she not been willing to do what she thought God wanted, there would be no Godly coincidence at all. - Bill Schaef

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Last modified on March 19, 2014

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