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Quiet Heros Who Don’t Make the News

Acts of Faith Frank Sawicki has been sitting and setting pencils at the corner of 13 mile and Woodward for over 8 years photo by Bill Schaef
Frank Sawicki has been sitting and setting pencils at the corner of 13 mile and Woodward for over 8 years

When I just live my life normally I don't even notice them. But when I pay attention, I see more evidence of quiet Christian heros than I expected I should. Here are three.

One day I was driving to work at 6:30am and passed by a Walgreens where the local blind beggar named Frank normally sits and sells pencils all day (yes, that is still done in some places). What was different was that he was surrounded by all of his earthly belongings... two jammed suitcases, a wheelchair, and about 7 huge black garbage bags full of stuff. I was concerned about what this meant, but had to make my car pool appointment, so I didn't stop. That night at 6:30pm he was still there. The next morning and next morning at 6:30am he was still there with all his stuff. I was sure he had been kicked out of his living arrangement because he couldn't pay the rent. Three days later I was able to stop and talk to him. He confirmed that he had been unable to pay the rent and was kicked out, and had slept on the street for two nights. Finally, some good Samaritan showed up and paid his rent for the month, and he had a home again. No headlines in the paper. I attribute this to a Christian because I know that committed Christians can act this selflessly. But I can't say that it wasn't a Jew, Buddhist or Muslim who helped Frank.

Another day I had some leftover Sam Adams beers in bottle after a party at my house and knew I wouldn't drain them very quickly without help, so I stopped over at my friend Brian's house to share. He wasn't home, but his wife Sue was. There she was in the front yard scrubbing and hosing down a large outdoor kid's plastic toy. She does not have young kids herself, so I asked her about it. She said without drama, as if this were as common as making toast every morning, that she keeps her eyes out on trash days for items that can be used for the children's village in town, and tidies them up and delivers them so that they have play equipment. She's done it on several occasions, in fact. Goodness of heart seems to come naturally to this Christian woman.  (This is the same Sue who responded to the whisper of the Holy Spirit in the story titled "Find Jesus in the Lasagna"). 

Jim Kaczor is a man at our church who seems to be in three places at the same time. Every time there is some volunteer activity going on, Jim is quietly helping out, and never toots his horn about it. It just seems to be part of his personality, and I know it comes from him being a Christian.  (See a story written by Jim: "Scientist convinced God heard his prayers")

So this is what impact Christ has on people.

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Last modified on January 01, 2015

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