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A simple life serving Jesus - is better than a miracle Featured

Acts of Faith Kay Houston lived a life dedicated to Jesus Wm. Sullivan Funeral Homes
Kay Houston lived a life dedicated to Jesus

On Nov. 8, 2011,  I went to the funeral visitation of Kathleen G. (Kay) Houston, a woman who lived by all accounts with one primary objective: To serve Jesus as best she could on her limited means. The result was that she brought the love of Jesus to dozens of people, and now these people have a stronger faith of their own.

How? At the visitation, the hundred or so people in the seats were asked to come to the microphone to talk about Kay. One after another, they described how they were of the opinion that Kay was their best friend. (!) Kay did not have a lot of money. She worked for the last 20 years of her working life as a librarian for the Detroit News. What she gave was love, attention, care, and prayers.

One woman that I know, Holly, said that over the course of several years, Kay was there for her though the ups and downs of life, and whenever there was a rough spot (the death of her brother-in-law, the loss of her husband's job, the death of her mother), Kay was right there to support Holly with love and prayers. This might not seem like much when you read it. But to Holly, it was evident it made all the difference. Holly was crying as she told the story.

Others said much the same. When Kay saw someone, she'd remember whatever had been discussed in the last conversation, and asked how everybody was doing with true concern. Kay did this even when she herself was hospitalized, and losing her eyesight. It was the other person she asked about. If there was a need, Kay would say, "OK, let's pray right now!" Evidently, from the heartfelt tone of the many stories, Kay must have been a quality pray-er.

Michelle Yax, the Executive Director of Mother and Unborn Baby Care, told a several part story about how Kay wanted only to be helpful and did not complain about her own ailments. She volunteered when healthy. Then when her eyes started to go bad, she continued to come, and brought a large magnifying glass. Then when her eyes got so bad she could no longer drive, she continued to come, depending on the senior citizen bus to take her. Then when her stamina started to go bad, she continued to come, and asked that a chair be placed at the stairway landing so that she could rest after taking the stairs, so that after the rest, she could continue her volunteer work. It was really moving to hear her dedication to serve others as a way of serving Jesus.

You might say, "How does this story give evidence that Jesus is real? Show us another miracle story instead!"

Miracles are one-time signals that God is able to suspend the natural laws He created.

Seeing dozens of hearts convinced that there is a powerful force in LOVE, through the actions of one simple woman who believes in Jesus so much that she dedicates her life to Him... is to me a larger miracle than a man surviving a plane crash.

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Last modified on January 01, 2015

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