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Basketball Church

Conversions the actual basketball court where this story took place. It's in Troy, Michigan Photo by Bill Schaef
the actual basketball court where this story took place. It's in Troy, Michigan

I used to play basketball regularly on Sunday mornings. At that time I didn’t go to church at all. The gym where I played was 17 miles away from my home. A nice little distance. One particular Sunday morning I was out on my porch at home and from there I could see a half-court basketball court. I was thinking to myself, “Rather than go to that gym 17 miles away, it would be nice to get a game right here in my backyard. I would settle for a good half-court competition to eliminate the long haul up and back in exchange for my normal full court workout.”

After fantasizing for a moment, I thought, “Yeah, Right, there is never anyone playing on that court Sunday morning.” So I proceeded to go back inside to get ready to go. I looked at my girlfriend and said, “You know, maybe we ought to go to church.” The thought just crossed my mind. It came out of nowhere. “I mean on Sundays instead of me playing basketball.” And she said, “Well, I’d be agreeable to that, yea.” So I said, “Good”, and then I proceeded to continue getting ready to play basketball. Well something drove me back out on the porch before I left. I really wasn’t sure why at the time, but now I know why. Anyway so I look over to the court and I see some guys on it. I thought wow, OK. But then I immediately dismissed them as probably being scrubs. That’s slang terminology for guys who would not measure up to my competitive standards. I like a good hard competitive game and I thought, “No way am I going to get so lucky that a good game was about to materialize in front of my eyes.”

As I looked on a few cars pulled up and I thought, “Check it out before dismissing them altogether.” As I am approaching them, I am observing sizable individuals with skill, and I think to myself, “This might work!” So I get over there. The guys and I are warming up and getting acquainted all of about five minutes and someone says my name, “Dorian”. I turn around to see a friend I met five years prior who invited me to attend her church, which I had 4-6 times, the last of which was about three years back. We greet each other, and she states, “I see you’ve met the fellas, and after you guys play, we will be having church service and a picnic in the park. You are welcome to join us.”

We played ball. It was competitive and fun. And then proceeded to have service in the park. As I sat there, this warm feeling came over me (which I now know was the Holy Spirit), and I began to well up- and start to cry. Suddenly it dawned on me God knew I wasn’t going to go to church, so He brought the church to me!

As I am sitting here recounting that wonderful blessing, I am re-experiencing that warmth that overtook me that beautiful afternoon. For everyone, it is going to be that “I know because I know that I know” moment. It’s important that we understand that our moment is just that—ours, an occurrence designed for you – a gift from our Savior. Yet all of our special experiences should be shared with others to inspire us all to love, honor and to glorify God. When we open our hearts and minds to the Lord, an ounce of faith can yield a gallon or even a truckload of deliverance.

Troy, Michigan

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Last modified on January 01, 2015

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