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John T. Spencer

John T. Spencer

My Story Collection
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Publish Item How the power of Christ turned hatred into Love Conversions 2014/01/22 2014/08/27 2166 View Item
Publish Item Total Confidence in God eliminates this lady’s fear of cancer Acts of Faith 2013/05/23 2014/08/27 2612 View Item
Publish Item Scientist Francis Collins, Head of 'Human Genome Project', Finds God Conversions 2014/02/18 2014/03/31 2528 View Item
Publish Item Ways Jesus Speaks to us Commentary 2014/01/04 2014/03/15 4381 View Item
Publish Item What happens during a Christian 'Conversion'? Commentary 2014/01/25 2014/03/15 4514 View Item

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