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Young mother feels personally forgiven by Jesus after cheating on her husband

How Jesus Speaks to Us I happened to listen to Joyce Meyer on the radio and afterwards I told my husband about the affair Shutterstock video clip
I happened to listen to Joyce Meyer on the radio and afterwards I told my husband about the affair

I am an occasional participant in the Askville by Amazon “Religion and Spirituality” discussion forum. A woman who I'll call Rachel Townsley (she did not want others to know even her login name) wrote this brief but amazing post about seeing Jesus in a dream and how it changed her.  I asked her by email to elaborate.  Here is the original posting and the resulting email thread.  (Bill Griffin)

I had this dream about being in a church by myself and communion was going on. I was sitting on a bench praying to the statue that looked like Jesus. I was asking for forgiveness. And right before i was going to drink the wine, Jesus came out of the sky and came to me. I never saw him so clear. I woke up so overwhelmed with love that i never felt before.  Before the day was overwith i was crying because i was happy. What does this mean?

Rachel Townsley
Virginia   USA   7/24/2012


I'd like to reprint your story to share with others. I would like to talk to you more about it. I like to help other people see that Jesus still acts in our lives in the current day. If you want to see how respectfully I'd treat your story, look at my blog ChristianityInRealLife.blogspot.com.  (That was the blog that preceded Wtness.org)

I'd like to write a longer version of the story. If you feel comfortable sharing it, could you say the type of thing you were sorry about (not necessary if you don't feel comfortable). Whether you were a regular church goer or not, what brought you to the point of wanting to be forgiven. More about what Jesus looked and acted like or how he interacted with you.

God Bless.
Bill Griffin


I don't mind telling you what I was asking for forgiveness and all that, sometimes it helps just to talk to a stranger instead of your closest friend or family. I haven't told anyone what I had been going through no one in my family, nor my friends, because I always thought they were going to judge me for what I was doing to my family n husband.

Okay here goes.

It started out with me being pregnant with my daughter. Before my daughter, I ended up having 8 miscarriages. So I never really got my hopes up about the one that was about to come to me. Before I knew it and the doctor gave me the clear, I was due in June of 2010. I ended up having a healthy baby girl. After I had her, I was diagnose to a disease that most women get right after having a baby. It was called post pardem(sp) disorder. I had really crazy thoughts about hurting myself, and wanting to even hurt the precious little baby girl that my lord has blessed me with. I had really evil thoughts. And I'm still married (and still am to the father of the baby). At this point I had really bad depression, and more evil thoughts kept coming across from me. I didn't want to tell anyone I was sick, or even if they knew I was acting different. So at one point I did mention to my husband that I couldn't be trusted alone with my daughter, and then he knew something was up. I went and got help from the doctor and that's when I found out what I had. After that I started to secluded myself from my husband and my daughter. LIke I didn't even want to be around them. I didn't even want to be around my own family because I felt like a complete stranger to myself. Like their was another person created inside me. So I started to talk to my husband's best friend completely out of the blue while I'm still fighting this disease. I ended up meeting him for a lunch. And we slowly started to talk more and more. And then things led to one thing and nother. And I ended up having a six month affair, because I created this fantasy of a whole another life with this man, like I said I felt like I wasn't even in my body. Like another personality was created. I was hardly home, and then one day, I started to go get help, and get on medication. Because my husband wanted me to. So once the meds started working, I started to find myself feeling a little better, like I wanted to be around my family again. Like I was finding the old me.

Then I realized what I was doing was wrong, and I ended the affair with the man and hardly talk to him. I do talk to him once in a blue moon because he was the family best friend. So I started to get the guilty conscious and then one day I had the TV and for some reason the church channel was on, I don't know why but I was watching. And it had Joyce Meyer on it. She had said something that really got to me for some reason. Like your only hurting your self from not telling the person that you have hurt them in the long run. Or something close to that. It was like she was speaking to me. Because for some reason what she said was in my mind for a few months before I ended up telling my husband everything I did and who I did it and how long the affair was.

My husband god bless him, has forgiven me for everything, we have come a long way from that point. We are now really close family and I feel like I can tell him everything, and people say once a cheater always a cheater, but I don't believe that. I have yet to cheat on him, and will not since I have told him. So I would like to say that is what I was asking forgiveness for. I always feeling like I was lost for a very long time once my daughter was here, and even a little before I met my husband. I had never had god in my life.

On a side note, I never had a father in my life as well, and I was in an abusive relationship for two years, and got into a 5 year relationship after that with mentally and physical abuse as well in that one. So I have had a rough path.

And I think now that I do believe jesus was talking to me, telling me to come back to him. And he was telling me he forgave me. I still feel the way I felt when I have that dream every time I think about it. I just don't know. It's just everything happen, and I'm slowly moving on and accepting what I did was wrong, and becoming a better person of it, owning up to my mistake. I don't tell anyone in my family because well they treat me like the stepchild since I'm just now getting my priorities straight. As well I dont let my friends know because I don't want to be judged. So my husband and I talk to each other about it when we need too. But ever since we had our long talk we got through this, and now I'm starting to heal after I had that dream.

Rachel Townsley,
Virginia, USA    9/12/2012


Thank you so much for taking the risk to share this story, Rachel.  It took guts, even though we don’t know who you are.  It took guts to admit to your wrongdoing.  And it took guts to tell your husband. And it took guts to say out loud that you felt that you were spoken to in a dream by Jesus. I fully believe that Jesus will honor your bravery and bring you closer to Him.   

Bill Griffin

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