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Turned to just the right hymn

How Jesus Speaks to Us Turned to just the right hymn http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/178/c/3/hymnal_angel_ii_by_wetcanvas-d554toa.jpg

Not long after the posting of Oct. 23, 2012, in which I felt led to “Take [more] care of the needs of others”, I was attending church at St. Columban in Birmingham, Michigan. Our church music director Bob Mervak asked us to turn to page 628 in our Gather hymnal. I grabbed the book and opened to a random page, and was surprised to find that it was page 628.

When something that unlikely happens, especially in church, I tend to pay attention.

I feel that the Holy Spirit may be trying to get me to notice something. The hymn was “No Greater Love” by Michael Joncas. The lyrics start with these words:

There is no greater love says the Lord Than to lay down your life for a friend

It seemed to me that it was a reinforcement of the message I reported here on Oct. 23: Set my own needs aside, and look out for others more than I currently do. This message felt personally tailored for me. I know that it applies specifically to me. I tend to focus on tasks and To-Do lists more than responding spontaneously to the needs of the people around me. I find that I often have the thought, “I’ll think about that other person after I get this assignment or task finished.” Of course, in the long run, that works out to a life filled largely with tasks. People’s needs take second place. It’s a type of admonishment, but it felt like a very kind and fatherly admonishment; not punitive. Encouraging. Conveyed with a smile. This type of loving treatment that comes from God even when I am in need of correction is what makes me a fan of His. Makes me want to follow Him more. : )


Note:  St. Columban Church merged with St. Alan Church in 2013 to become Christ Our Light Church in Troy Michigan. 

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