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The Prayers of Father Solanus Casey Helped to Cure My Father and Father-In-Law

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Father Solanus Casey

Father Solanus Casey was a friar of the Capuchin Franciscan order.  A gentle man full of compassion, he found favor in the eyes of many, many people whom he both loved and cherished in his own spirit led way.  Although I never knew Father Solanus Casey personally, I feel like he has touched my life in two very special ways. My father and my father-in-law (who sadly is no longer with us) experienced the special blessings of our loving God after the prayers of Father Solanus on two very remote occasions (my father and my father-in-law had never met and did not know each other).

Allow me to begin with my father's story. In 1928, as a child at the mere age of two, Ralph (my dad) had contracted a severe case of appendicitis. So horrific was it that the appendix had burst in several places. Gangrene had set in which in turn resulted in peritonitis (an inflammation of the peritoneum, the thin tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen and covers most of the abdominal organs). Keep in mind this was 1928. The medical field was not nearly as advanced as it is now. So severe was his condition that two doctor's would not so much as attempt to operate. One doctor told my grandmother not to hold onto too much hope; the situation was grim. The doctor told her that he could "clean him up" as best he could to try and relieve the pain, but dad's outlook was bad. Heart-broken, my grandmother met with Father Solanus on a couple of occasions to ask his for his prayers. Father Solanus and my grandmother prayed and he gently and kindly assured her not to worry; all would be well. When my grandmother returned to the hospital, she was met by the doctor. The look in his eyes must have made her overjoyed as he told her that he could not believe what was happening to my father. "Ralph seems to be on the mend!" Praise God! Only a couple of days later he was strong enough to be sitting up in his hospital bed. The hand of our loving Father in heaven had certainly touched my dad, and all those involved. In later years, when my father went to visit the very same doctor, the doctor was honored to see him and not charge him for his visits because "he wasn't supposed to be here!" Well ... I'm so glad he is!

My father-in-law, Dave, also received a blessing after the prayers of Father Solanus. When Dave was 12 years old he was 'horsing' around with his brother as brothers do. Then by freak accident, Dave had broken his neck to the point where the doctors were sure he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. After many surgeries he was in a full cast from his waist up to and including his neck. For six months he had to endure this agony. Imagine having to try to eat, sleep, and otherwise just manage to get through the day. When the cast was removed he was fitted with steel bars (external) up his back and front side which he endured for another 6 plus months. In the meantime through all of this, Dave's father was working in the background. Dave's father delivered milk (remember that?) and one of his stops just happened to be the monastery where Father Solanus stayed. Again, the hand of the Lord was at play, for at the time, Father Solanus was the porter who greeted everyone at the door. So Dave's father had opportunity to daily speak with Father Solanus and prayed with him daily (I'm convinced of that) for Dave's recovery. It was a long process but Dave made a full recovery and only a short 6 years later, at the age of 18, he joined the U.S. Army and was a paratrooper, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes :-) .

So, by the loving grace of our God and Father, and working through the faith of Father Solanus Casey, my dad and my father-in-law led perfectly normal lives. It is of my opinion, although not fully endorsed by the Catholic Church, that Father Solanus Casey should be considered for sainthood.

Thank you, and in His Service
Buddy Michaels, Troy, MI

Father Solanus Casey was of the Capuchin Franciscan order of friars.  A gentle man full of compassion, he found favor in the eyes of many, many people whom he both loved and cherished in his own way.

Buddy Michaels is one of the Editors of Wtness.org

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