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This skydiver almost died, but instead met God and is changed forever

Miracles Mickey Robinson gave no thought to God before his plane crash, then encountered God still shot from video mentioned in article
Mickey Robinson gave no thought to God before his plane crash, then encountered God

In this video, an interview with extreme skydiving enthusiast Mickey Robinson, he tells of having no interest or relationship with God prior to a near-death experience, and after nearly dying, "knowing" that God is real. He explains why.  It's amazing that with his face scarred from the burns, and his right hand maimed, he did not focus at all on his injuries, but on how God gave him a completely new view of life here and in the hereafter.  That's all that was important to him after surviving.

Some quotes from this compelling video: 

Before the crash, I never met one person who told me they had a real relationship with Jesus. I was busy gettin it on. There was never enough excitement in the world to satisfy you. You always gotta have more. I thought it would be fun jumping out of airplanes. I became obsessed with skydiving. My existence revolved around that 60 seconds in free fall. Then I had to do it again.

One day, shortly after taking off, the motor went completely silent. The pilot turned to me and said, that's it, we're going down. We plummeted straight down at over 100 miles per hour. The plane slammed into the ground. My face stopped my body. If you looked at pictures of the aircraft, you'd say, "it didn't look like anybody could survive this". I had burns over a large portion of my body. My right eye was blinded.

[At the hospital] my spirit came out of my body, as you would take a glove off of your hand. And instantly I was in the spiritual world. Instantaneously I knew this was the real world. And this man that I was seeing was the real me.

As I looked ahead, there was this pure white light. It was whiter than the whitest snow, and brighter than 10,000 suns and yet I could look right at it, and it was compelling. Simultaneous to that, on my right side, I could feel something, and I looked, and there was this blackness, sweeping. Now this blackness, as I looked at it, instantly I was aware of its complete nature. It was eternal, it was without any matter, it was without any life, it was void, and it was forever, non-negotiable, cut off from the source of all life.

As my spirit settled into my body, and could start to hear out of these ears and see out of this eye, I came to. The room materialized, kind of like they beam up on Star Trek. The person who was dying and dead was no longer, and I was born again and filled with the Holy Ghost. I had never heard about that before.

For years I wondered what the blackness meant. Then God revealed it to me. It was a historical record of my life. That for all the years that I had lived, I was in darkness. And God gave me a space to cry out to Him. [The crash]. And in that space, it changed my future, my whole purpose of living.

Don't wait. You have a chance today to cry out to God. It's not complicated. It's not religious. Certainly my 'prayer' wasn't all that complicated, and it wasn't about religion. I needed life.

Mickey Robinson

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Last modified on March 15, 2015

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