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Understanding the motivation and feelings of a Pro-Life Organizer Acts of Faith MIke Stack United States 2011 2012/07/21
This very touching posting was submitted to this blog on the day before Christmas, 2011 by a friend and medical sonographer Mike Stack (he has done ultrasound exams for thousands of pregnant women). At .......
From Pain to Healing thanks to God's Forgiveness Conversions MIke Stack United States 2012 2012/05/30
The following story was written by Tracy, from Connecticut in the United States.  Because of my role as a pro-life organizer (with "Silent No More" and "Rachel's Vineyard"), I receive stories of people .......
Felt forgiven after having an abortion Conversions MIke Stack United States 2011 2012/01/25
This story, written by Deb from Indiana.  Because of my role as a pro-life organizer, I receive stories of people who have had abortions and how it affected them. This story is appropriate for this .......
Free Money? Seems Impossible. Possible. Selfless Acts MIke Stack United States 1993 2011/12/23
Wow!! I couldn't believe it... I was in shock. I counted the thick wad of money... $1,000 in cash... an anonymous gift. The second anonymous (cash) gift in the past few weeks. It was $520 the first time. .......

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