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Stood there being spit upon Conversions Bill Schaef United States circa 1954 2014/09/23
In the book 'Run Baby Run', murderous gang leader Nicky Cruz tells of how he swore at, spit on, and threatened 'hood preacher' David Wilkinson when Wilkinson first told Nicky about God. Later he recalls .......
The Lord's help during a sad time How Jesus Speaks to Us Bill Schaef United States 2011 2011/11/12
For several months, two people who are important to me have effectively shut me out of their good graces. We can't avoid interacting with each other, and when we meet, conversation is reduced to perfunctory .......
After 26 years, his belief in Medjugorje is still as strong Miracles Bill Schaef United States 2011 2011/11/19
Just a quick note to say that I wrote an email to Wayne Weible, the man who wrote the book Medjugorje, The Message. I wanted to tell him I would like to tell a few more people about the amazing spiritual .......
Bala's prayers answered. Commentary Bill Schaef 2015/12/29
This article has been removed by the request of the author, Bala.....
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