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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
How God provided an alternative to suicide in a most unusual circumstance Conversions Sam Lynd United States 1973 2013/06/16
One morning, a number of years back, I made plans for my suicide. That very afternoon I met Jesus Christ in a way that changed my whole life forever. I grew up in an environment that taught me to compete, .......
Mildred Howell, exhilarated! "It was really something!" Acts of Faith Mildred Howell United States 1973 1973/11/16
"The presence of Jesus simply overwhelmed me. I was immersed in His love and I couldn't help but cry, but not out of sadness. It was exhilaration. I really experienced His love, and that was the beginning .......
Greg’s two year climb from rock bottom aided by God’s grace Conversions Greg Weddle United States 1973 2016/03/16
In this next story by Greg Weddle, he describes the way God supported him in his climb out of the pit of Satanism, along with past greed, egotism, lust, lost job, lost marriage, lost Jaguar, lost money. .......

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