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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
I felt arms around my body, but couldn’t see anyone Conversions Pete Eastman United States 1980 2014/05/09
"I tried to say I was sorry, but I broke into tears – too much to speak, and I fell on the floor and cried." I was a baptized Catholic who no longer went to church, didn't pray, and definitely did .......
Jesus worked better than Methadone to break David's heroin addiction. Conversions Joan of Royal Oak United States 1980 1980/02/25
"The [drug rehab] clinic even called to ask why [my brother] didn't come in for his next methadone appointment, and he told them that Jesus saved him. They didn't believe him, but it was true. That was .......
Man of the House - changed by Jesus to someone who can listen Conversions Jim of Royal Oak United States 1980 1980/02/25
"I didn't want anything to do with prayer meetings. My reluctance, I think, stemmed in large part from an unwillingness to listen to someone else, especially when that 'someone else' was my wife and my .......
Helen Bradley thanks God for making her less analytical, more people-oriented Conversions Helen Bradley United States 1980 2016/06/04
My story is not a dramatic one. I wasn't down in the depths, and God didn't come to me in a single, explosive event. I never openly rebelled against God; I just hit a point in life where he wasn't especially .......

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