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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
Total Confidence in God eliminates this lady’s fear of cancer Acts of Faith John T. Spencer United States 1992 2013/05/23
The fear, the breathless anxiety I was so used to was totally absent. I saw the solid substance of peace in her eyes as she smiled at me. I sat at the nurse’s station reviewing my first patient .......
God helped Caregiver without being asked. Gave her energy to continue after the point of exhaustion. Acts of Faith Yellowdog United States 1992 2012/09/02
At the time this Godly coincidence occurred, 'Yellowdog' (I don't know her real name... she is a participant in Amazon's Askville in the Spirituality and Religion forum, like I am) was overwhelmed and .......
Holy Spirit helps Harry Lindback save his job Godly Coincidences Bill Griffin United States 1992 2011/12/28
Harry Lindback, a resident of Dearborn, Michigan, was a systems analyst at a large corporation in the Detroit area at the time of this story. In March of 1991, the announcement came that his department .......
God knows everything. Even computer programming. Sound of God's Voice Bill Griffin United States 1992 2017/06/10
Ever since we were young, we were taught that God is omniscient; God knows everything. But I didn't see many Information Technology professionals seeking God's help when trying to resolve a computer programming .......

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