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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
The Shirt Story - God Rewarded Generosity Selfless Acts Bill Griffin United States 1993 2012/10/07
The coincidence was too bloody amazing. I had been trying to hold out before buying any more business shirts for work, but all of them were starting to show fraying around the collar and thin fabric .......
Bible verse directly answered her dead friend's question How Jesus Speaks to Us Brigid Geroux United States 1993 2012/01/31
During August, I had resolved to read a chapter of John's gospel a day. On the day I was due to read Chapter 16, a call came telling me one of my most cherished friends had died that afternoon. As I hung .......
Free Money? Seems Impossible. Possible. Selfless Acts MIke Stack United States 1993 2011/12/23
Wow!! I couldn't believe it... I was in shock. I counted the thick wad of money... $1,000 in cash... an anonymous gift. The second anonymous (cash) gift in the past few weeks. It was $520 the first time. .......

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