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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
What God’s Voice Sounds Like – (reported experience #7) Sound of God's Voice Steve from Southfield, Michigan, USA Puerto Rico 1999 2013/02/02
"God spoke to me one day. Loud and clear… "You are going to move somewhere far away." My job was a nightmare. Actually, my boss was a nightmare. He seemed to want me fired, and to be trying very .......
Scientist convinced God heard his prayers Godly Coincidences Jim Kaczor United States 1999 2012/09/06
My training is as a scientist. In science, you only accept what is objective and observable. In 1999, I had just gone through a divorce, and knew I would not be able to take care of my son while .......
God’s Words inspire an ex married couple to turn their hate into friendship Acts of Faith Dan Fedder United States 1999 2012/07/08
This a story about how God's words can completely change a relationship between two people. My mother and father had a horribly messy divorce in 1985. Like so many others of their generation, the marriage .......
Prayer turned Lowell’s deep grief to deep peace Acts of Faith Lowell Gladd United States 1999 2016/07/27
"With tears coming down my face I cried out to God and asked that He bring the Holy Spirit upon me and give me peace. Within one hour, I had the most incredible peace come over me!" My dad had a heart .......

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