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Title Category Contributor Location Year Occurred Date Published
200 roses confirmed my decision Acts of Faith Ann from Monroe, Michigan, USA United States 2008 2013/10/21
In May 2008, I was granted an interview at the IHM Motherhouse in Southeastern Michigan (Editor’s note: A community of Catholic nuns; IHM stands for “Immaculate Heart of Mary”), for a position as the Administrative .......
"Ask Daniel to Pray for the Fire" Acts of Faith Mo Thomas United States 2008 2013/07/17
About 4-5 years ago, my son Daniel and I were planning on spending a weekend together at home . . . the girls were going out of town. Our plans were modest; one of the most anticipated events was cooking .......
The Choice Acts of Faith Nathan from Warren, Michigan United States 2008 2013/12/27
If someone put a gun to my head and said "CHOOSE! Choose between death or rejecting Jesus", I would choose death. I would make that choice, because my life wouldn't be worth living anymore without the .......
Heard the Spirit say to her: “Why do you speak as though you don’t know me?” Sound of God's Voice Carol T. from Ford Motor Company United States 2008 2015/03/31
I was at a friend's house one evening in Fall 2008. I'll call him Thomas. When I met this friend he said he was a Christian. But through the years he has become really more agnostic. I was feeling really .......

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