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Site Guidelines

This site has two main goals: 
1. To help fellow Christians to apply Jesus' teachings to their own lives.

2. To let non-Christians see how Christ positively affects people in daily life.

To support these goals, we have these site guidelines:
1. Write about real people, not general concepts.

2. If speaking about your own life, be as personal as you can. (How were you affected when watching Jesus at work in you or someone else?).  However, there's no need to give your real name or full name.

3. Use everyday, non-specialized language. Remember that we may have non-Christian visitors who may not pick up on words like "justification" or "anointing".

4. Don't preach or promote special causes.

5. Avoid speaking of others in a way you yourself would not want to be spoken about. ("Do unto others..."   Matthew 7:12)

6. Use few words.  Short posts get read.  Long posts often get skipped.

7. If your personal story reminds you of a Bible passage, reference it.  It'll reinforce that God's written message is just as true today.
8. How you conduct yourself as a participant reflects as much about your success in following Jesus as anything else you say.  Possibly more. If you consistently demonstrate you can convey ideas while loving and respecting other people, you are being a good spokesperson for Jesus' way.
9.  If you state that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit was involved in your life, take the time to explain what perception, feeling, event or Bible passage led you to believe that.  Take the time to help our non-believing friends understand how you came to draw that conclusion. Be one who can demystify Christianity for them.

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