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About is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing evidence that Jesus Christ is real, and that He continues to act in the lives of real people.

The type of evidence we provide is true stories in which any one of the members of the Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) play an important role in the life of a real person. These stories might be as biologically remarkable as a medical miracle, or as personally remarkable as the miracle of forgiving an enemy.

We find out about these stories primarily by talking to other Christians. We also find these stories by reading them in newspapers and online. Regardless of the source, we spend effort determining the credibility of the story so that even non-believers may find them worth reading.

In addition to God Stories, we offer commentary, as a way of making sense of some of these hard-to-believe stories. What do they mean in the big picture? Do they match what is said in the Bible?

Those of us who run WTNESS.ORG are volunteers. We are based in Southeastern Michigan.

Why are we doing this? Because each of us has been personally helped in a significant way by a loving being in Heaven, and we feel a debt of gratitude to Him. We know that He loves including more and more people into his family, so we are doing our part. No kidding. That's our real reason.

We welcome you to participate with comments, sharing these stories with others via email and social media, and possibly even submitting God Stories of your own.

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