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How To Participate

How to Participate


To add comments on a God Story or other article:

  • At the bottom of each full article is a comment area.  We love to hear your comments.  You must join to be able to comment. Joining is a matter of entering a user name, email address, and made-up password.

To share our site with a friend:

  • On our Home page and almost every full article, you can find icons to allow you to share that page with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Click the icon you prefer. 

To contribute a God Story:

  • On most pages you'll find a big black square titled (you've guessed it), "Submit a God Story".  Click the title to be led to a form where you can submit a God Story for our review. If you are not yet a member, join first. Then you will be able to submit a story. Our multitudinous editorial staff will review it to ensure it fits with our site's objectives, then will either give you feedback or publish it and send you a link to the published story.

To donate:

  • See the Donate button in the right sidebar of this page. 

To volunteer:

  • Click on the Main Menu item "Contact Us" then "Volunteer".  Write us an email telling us about yourself, and what skills you'd like to contribute to our project. Or simply tell us you will do what is needed, and we'll find some way for you to help others get to know Jesus.

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  • Marilyn Wynne
    Marilyn Wynne Saturday, 24 September 2016 22:03 Comment Link

    I have already joined and when I click on the link to submit a story, it won't allow me to type anything.

    Marilyn Wynne (lynwyn)

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