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Who We Are is run by volunteers from Southeastern Michigan, USA.

Bill Griffin 

I'm a professional man in my 50's.  Married with three daughters and living in Royal Oak, Michigan. An IT Business Analyst at Ford during the day. Catholic since 2000, Presbyterian from 1979 to 1999.  Not much religion before that.  In this decade of my life I am enthralled with God, Jesus and the the Holy Spirit, because they have presented themselves so often I cannot deny them. I have a strong feeling of obligation and debt to them. But I can still very clearly remember the decade of my 20's and how I thought of God at that time:  The big guy in the sky who may or may not exist, but if he does, he just wants to ruin my fun.  And I can remember the various curious conversations I had at my prompting with several people of my age who seemed to 'have it all together', and many of them 'knew' Jesus.  Some of them knew how to talk comfortably about it without pushing, and these were also the most convincing based on their daily decisions, way of speaking, way of spending their time.  It all tied together when I watched them. Their real lives were the 'testimony' that did the most to bring me around. 

It's because of the influence of these people when I was young that I would like to provide a similar place (this site) for others to get to know Jesus/God/Holy Spirit in a non-pushy way, and in a genuine way, without that 'salespitch' flavor.

I'm very interested in working with people of different ages, backgrounds, and locations to bring's purpose to life.  Contact us if you'd like to volunteer with us.

John T. Spencer (pen name)

I was brought up in the Baptist Church but switched to a simple first century assembly of believers when I was young. As a retired physician I now have time to do other things and have found being involved with project to be  the essential way of sharing the Gospel. Before the theology or churching, people are often much more interested in personal stories of how an individual came to see the hand of God in their life, or experienced his presence in countless different ways. If these stories are real and verifiable they can often be the seed that piques a person curiosity on their own spiritual search.

Buddy Michaels  (pen name)  

I am a happily married Buddy living in Oakland County, Michigan.  I am an IT support professional by day, and love to spend time learning more about Jesus, and speaking about Jesus with others in my spare time. Being raised Catholic, I attended Catholic grade school but moved onto public school for my secondary years.  I fell away from the church but somehow, some way always felt the Spirit working inside me.  Call it a gentle tug on my heart.  Years later I relocated to Florida and found my way back to the faith with the help of a very good friend I met while down there.  He was (is?) a lay pastor for a small Baptist church in Miami and he guided me back to the arms of the Lord.  Fast forward... moved back to Michigan and got re-involved with the Catholic church by my loving parents.  Praise God!
My hobbies include playing guitar, bicycle riding with my wife, and several fellowship groups I am deeply involved with.  And my 5 year old grandson keeps me young


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