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Nick Vujicic on why he is happy with his life… without arms or legs

Acts of Faith Nick Vujicic on why he is happy with his life… without arms or legs

In a video interview of Nick Vujicic (located on his website), Nick talks frankly about his condition and about his frame of mind. He explains how it is possible for him to be genuinely happy, despite the fact that he has no limbs, except for what he calls his “chicken drum stick” (partial left foot). He attributes his happiness to his deep and two-way relationship with God. As I listen to him, I do not get the sense that he is parroting someone’s written spiel. I do not get the sense that he has fooled himself. I get the sense Nick has encountered a very real friend who provides him with such strong companionship that the ‘rest’ doesn’t matter in comparison. It’s enviable. It’s hard to continue pitying the guy when he can make a claim like that. It’s also hard for me to justify ever complaining about ‘minor’ stuff like having a persistent pain in my upper back, having a stressful day at work, or losing sleep several days in a row to worries. It’s really worth a listen. I have transcribed a portion of Nick’s words here. The ellipses (…) indicate when I clipped something out. Here’s Nick, speaking.

 “Do you know God? …Why is he interested in us? Why would he ever have the time of day to listen to my prayer? Who am I compared to God, the creator of the universe?... It’s a big thought. (smile) For me, God is everything. (nods) For me, there were many times in my life where I did not have peace in my life. And seeking the answers to many questions and of course being born without limbs, I asked God “Why did this happen?” (furrowed brows)

You know, we always talk to God more on a bad day (heh!). We ask God for things, we thank God for things, but if you get to know him, do you talk to Him apart from just asking him for things? Because if I had a friend and I just called him up when I needed him, it’s not really a friendship. (smile). Nick Vujicic on why hes happy with no arms or legs 2Nick Vujicic explains why he's happy despite having no arms or legs Do you know that he is excited to hear from you? Do you know that you were on his mind before the earth began and he formed you in your mother’s womb? That was such an amazing peace that I had at 15 years old. To know that I finally have someone who is going to be with me through it all. Who knows all my circumstances, who is BIGGER than my circumstances. Not like my parents. My parents love me. My parents were there for me. They were not gonna leave me at all. But they couldn’t change anything. (serious look) And they couldn’t heal my heart. But God did (big smile).

How cool is that? That he loves me so much that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. Who am I that God would ever want to even talk to me let alone let his son die for me. Jesus Christ. (eyebrows raised) He died for my sins. …

He was the only one who could raise himself from the dead. And when I believe in God and I receive him as my Lord, and get to know him as my friend, that same spirit of God that raised Jesus Christ from the dead … will raise me up from the dead. How cool is that? I’m not gonna die. I may take my last breath here on earth, but I have confidence in him… not only for salvation, but for comfort, for strength. And I can actually talk to him…

If you think that having no arms and no legs is a problem, not knowing God is a bigger problem…

And the beautiful thing about knowing God is knowing what he says. Knowing what he says about how much he loves me, about how he’ll never leave me, about no matter how many times I fail, he still loves me. I’m under construction every day. (big, long smile). And Nick fails God. But God’s grace is sufficient as long as I hunger and strive to know him more. And it’s not this “to do” thing. It’s a “love” thing. (pause). I love God, and God loves me. And as we spend more time with each other, I fall in love with him more and more every day. The most exciting thing that I can ever do today is to know something more about God’s love for me and my family.”

Partial transcript of an interview with Nick Vujicic, the man who has no limbs, but is happy anyway.

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Last modified on April 10, 2014

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