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They kept praying even when things looked bad Featured

Acts of Faith They kept praying even when things looked bad
They kept praying even when things looked bad

This is a follow-up story about Pedro, Felicia and Victor (see story titled "Holy Spirit woke her at 2am to ask her to pray, and...").

Pedro said that at the time his son Victor was in his rebellious 20's, Pedro's wife and he were very worried about how he was acting and behaving. He was hanging around people who would influence him badly. They didn't know what else to do, so they prayed. For years they prayed that he would meet a good Catholic girl who would bring him back to Christ.

Eventually, Victor did meet a Catholic girl. She was a fallen-away Catholic. To the surprise of Pedro and Felicia, it was Victor who stepped up to lead her back to Christ! They are now married, and living a Christian life, much to the relief of the parents.

What Pedro told said, looking back, was "Keep praying even when things don't look too good."

Editorial Comment:  We know from experience that praying to God does not guarantee that we will get what we want.  But nonetheless, our Father in Heaven tells us to pray to Him.  He considers so many more variables than we could imagine, and provides us, when we pray in faith, with what our souls need.  (Matt 21:21, Matt 6:5-7, Luke 11:11-13)

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Last modified on September 01, 2014

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