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Modern Day "Multiplication of the Loaves" event

My Faith Sharing Group gifted me with a beautiful and meaningful blessing of my new home.

At that blessing, among other special things, I was given a small bottle of holy water. This holy water was very special and meaningful to me, as it was obtained from my beloved Saint Columban Parish Church on the day of its closing [that was in May, 2013 -- Editor].

On the night of the blessing of my home, I put the bottle of holy water in my night stand and every night from that time on I would make the sign of the cross with the holy water as I started my evening prayers before going to bed.

After using the holy water for about a year, the bottle became half empty. I do think the month was also in May, as I remember thinking it had been exactly a year after the blessing.  One night, as I put it back in the drawer, I decided that I would take it to my new parish and fill it up with more holy water on the next Sunday so that it would mix with the holy water from my former parish and become one.

The following night after deciding to do this, as usual, I took the bottle out of the drawer to use the holy water in making the sign of the cross and to my amazement and astonishment, the bottle was completely filled to the top. I was awe struck, to say the least. I sat there looking at the full bottle of holy water wondering if I was seeing what I couldn't believe. However, I believed it since it was there before my eyes and I just knew that the hand of God had to be involved in this special happening.

There is no logical explanation for this, as I live alone and no visitors knew the holy water was there, let alone, go into my drawer. There is no other explanation except that it was a gift from God.

I don't know why this happened.... maybe a special reminder from God that He is always with me or, maybe, for me to witness to others of this miracle and that God is always with us or it may be something else. I just know what I saw and I believe and continue to be in awe of the wonder of it all.

from Troy, Michigan



Editorial Comment:

In my daily life, I look for opportunities to tell stories like this one so as to bring up the idea of God being active in today's world. The first reaction I get from most people is: "There must be some other explanation. Or the lady imagined it, or just forgot that she already filled it". Despite the fact that SharylAnn would have of course exhausted those possibilities on her own before risking embarrassment by sharing her story with others like this! It is very difficult for we modern scientifically-trained Americans, even Christian Americans, to accept that the God of old is still the God of today.

To test whether this story is real, consider not only the moment that the vial was found to be full. Also consider what happened for the entire year leading up to that moment. A large group of friends had assembled in this condo for a house-blessing party. Not a house-warming party. They were demonstrating to each other and to God Himself the importance of God in their lives, and inviting Him to be present for SharylAnn in this new place. And we know that God responds when invited into our lives. (Matt 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.")

Consider also that SharylAnn blessed herself (made the sign of the cross while contemplating Jesus) with the Holy Water every day for a year. She was keeping Jesus central every day. (John 15:4 "Remain in me, and I will remain in you.").

After such consistent demonstrations of faith, this small miracle occurred. I speculate that if SharylAnn never thought of Jesus in any way, and if SharylAnn's vial were instead a flask of hard liquor that was half empty, the miracle of replenishment would have been less likely.

-- Managing Editor Bill Griffin

How found out about this story:  On September 6, 2015, SharylAnn came up to Bill Griffin in the parking lot of a church after Sunday Mass and decided she needed to tell someone this story.  She did not know that existed.  Bill asked if she wanted more people to know about this amazing event, and shared with SharylAnn about this website and its many true God Stories.  SharylAnn agreed, and wrote the story and sent the picture of her vial of Holy Water.

Additional Info

  • Year Occurred 2014
  • Location United States

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