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Prayer turned Lowell’s deep grief to deep peace

"With tears coming down my face I cried out to God and asked that He bring the Holy Spirit upon me and give me peace. Within one hour, I had the most incredible peace come over me!"

My dad had a heart attack back in 1999 and passed away about one month later. The day before his heart attack was his birthday, November 17. I had a VERY restless spirit that day, and I HAD TO SEE MY DAD THAT DAY!!!! I was thinking to myself, "What is up with this? Why am I so restless and uneasy?" Normally I would travel to see him every weekend, as we were very close. But I decided to add a visit and see him on his birthday. I went and bought him a cake, a card and a sweater and gave them to him that night.

The very next day he had the heart attack and never regained consciousness. I was totally grieved and anxiety stricken.

Thanksgiving was that next weekend. I was so sick physically and emotionally that I layed in bed that whole weekend. By Sunday, I was starting to come out of it and feeling a little better.

Monday morning, on my way to work, I could feel the anxiety coming back on me. With tears coming down my face I cried out to God and asked that He bring the Holy Spirit upon me and give me peace. WITHIN ONE HOUR, I HAD THE MOST INCREDIBLE PEACE COME OVER ME!!!! What God did for me that day, I will never forget, it was truly awesome!!!!

(Later, my pastor called this dramatic peace a miracle, and I would have to agree with him!!!)

People at work knew how down I had been and literally saw a different person that morning. They came by, saw I was feeling better, and wondered if my Dad's condition had improved. I told them no, that he was still going to die. THEN they asked me what had come over me. It was at that point, I was able to share with them what God and done thru the Holy Spirit.


Looking back on this, I recognize that God has the full picture and I do not. When my Dad was dying, I did not have the full picture, and knew that the best thing I can do is pray, because he is faithful.

I strongly believe that I was so restless to visit my Dad on the day of his birthday, the last day I had available to talk to him, because that I was prompted by the Holy Spirit (John 16:33. "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.").

I am reminded that God can use painful moments like this to further his kingdom. One scripture I like to remember is when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery (Genesis 37:28). When he came out on the other side as number two in command in all of Egypt and was able to help his brothers survive the famine, he said this: "What you meant for evil, God turned into good." (Genesis 50:20) I have never forgotten that verse.

I'm not Joseph. But I had a tragedy. I prayed for peace. The Spirit gave it to me. I told the people at work. I do not know if those people at my work place came to Christ, but I knew I had planted a seed. It was a natural attraction to those people to see what a difference Christ made in me.

When something bad happens, we need to remember who is in control. It is not you or me, it is God.

Lowell Gladd
Rochester Hills, Michigan

How discovered this story: Contributor Lowell Gladd and editor Bill Griffin attend the same lunchtime Bible Study at Ford Motor Company. Lowell shared this story one day, and Bill suggested it be included on Lowell agreed.

Additional Info

  • Year Occurred 1999
  • Location United States

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