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God seemed to provide visual approval to an outdoor gathering of 20,000 Christians in Detroit

Godly Coincidences At the 2011 E.A.C.H. Prayer Walk in Detroit from Comerica Park, the heavy rain stopped as if on cue photo by Bill Griffin
At the 2011 E.A.C.H. Prayer Walk in Detroit from Comerica Park, the heavy rain stopped as if on cue

On April 16 2011, I was one of approx. 20,000 people who came to Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, for a first-time prayer walk by the multi-church outreach organization in Detroit called E.A.C.H. (Everyone a Chance to Hear). That number alone is enough to make you pause and think about the sheer number of Christians who came to show support to this new Christian service movement in Detroit. But it was more impressive when that number turned out in the rain. Most were equipped with rain ponchos or umbrellas, because it was raining when we got there, and the forecast said it was supposed to rain all morning.

In fact, one of the men who made that prediction was local TV weatherman Chuck Gaidica. As the event started, the rain stopped, and Chuck said in a beaming voice, (paraphrased here) "My colleagues and I predicted rain here in Detroit all morning. The sudden dryness at that very moment in this very place could only be credited to God." The crowd cheered in agreement. It seemed to be a thought most of us had had prior to Chuck saying so.

Moments later, the crowd was awed as the sun broke through the still-thick, dark clouds in bright rays and shone down on the parking lot of the stadium. It was as if God were saying, "Yes, that was me!" It was a spine-chilling coincidence that had people talking for 30 minutes afterwards. We felt that we were doing the right thing in publically showing our support for Jesus in the city streets.

See the slideshow of that wonderful affirmation on YouTube


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Last modified on July 12, 2015

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