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Holy Spirit helps Harry Lindback save his job

Godly Coincidences Holy Spirit helps Harry Lindback save his job Buerostress cliparts

Harry Lindback, a resident of Dearborn, Michigan, was a systems analyst at a large corporation in the Detroit area at the time of this story. In March of 1991, the announcement came that his department would be divested within the next 12 months, and all the people would either go along to the new firm or lose their jobs. Harry was over 50, and had a family to support, so he was especially concerned about being able to find other suitable employment outside the company. So he focused his efforts on transferring within his company to another department.

Before he knew it, it was January, 1992, and ten days remained before the divestiture. In the previous ten months, he had been unable to find an alternate position. His last hope was a position in the Electronics Division, so he called the manager there on a Tuesday and left this message: "Whatever you do, please don't lead me on. If you have a position for me, that's wonderful. If you don't, please let me know. I don't want to get my hopes up."

The next day, the manager returned Harry's message, saying, "Harry, I'm terribly sorry. We did have two positions, but we filled them both. I'm so sorry we couldn't help you out", and continued apologizing for several minutes. He felt badly. Harry was crushed. He shared the bad news with his boss, and his boss said, "OK, let's try some more. Give me some copies of your resume." Harry told him he didn't have one; he hadn't applied for any jobs outside of the company. His boss urged him to write one.

That afternoon Harry heard his boss' suggestion repeated and amplified over and over in his mind, almost as if someone were talking to him. "You have to write your resume. You have to write it today." He didn't want to start it that day because he didn't have any of his resume materials with him at work; additionally he was a devout Catholic and was planning on attending his regularly scheduled scripture study in the evening. But the voice in his mind insisted, "You have to finish a resume today." Because he believes that God is active in our lives today, he interpreted the thought as a sign from the Holy Spirit.

So Harry stayed late and wrote down 25 years of experience from memory. His wife edited it that night. (Parenthetically, some days later, his boss reviewed it and said the resume was excellent.) Harry was so convinced that the Holy Spirit was prompting him that he told his wife and a neighbor about the words which compelled him to complete it in one evening, and joked with them about what might happen the next day. His willingness to speak out loud about the words he heard, despite how odd it sounded, and despite the evidence of the moment, is one of the common indications of heavenly intervention... the person trusts so strongly that God was present, they cannot resist giving credit to God.  And often God looks for that level of trust in order to act.  (Matt 9:28, Luke 18:42)

Early the next morning, Harry got a call at work from the man who had told him "No" the day before. He said, "Harry, these are unusual times, and we are going to do unusual things. Can you get me a copy of your resume in 20 minutes?" Harry's hands started shaking. He said yes, he could. Harry was offered the job. That's where he still worked as of the date this story was written, in 1994.

How WTNESS.ORG found out about this story:  Bill Griffin met Harry Lindback at a men's retreat at the St. Paul Retreat Center in Detroit in January, 1994, where the two men talked about the way that the Holy Spirit works in our lives.  Harry told Bill the story at that time, and Bill wrote down his story, with the intent of submitting it for publication in Roddy Ray's column "Real Life" in the Detroit Free Press (with Harry's permission of course).  It was not printed then, but Bill saved it, and it is printed now here in WTNESS.ORG.

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Last modified on October 08, 2014

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