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Godly Coincidence reinforces Jim's belief

Godly Coincidences The actual sign Jim saw Photo by Bill Schaef
The actual sign Jim saw

I was driving to meet Bill Griffin (a founder of for our car pool last week, early in the morning. It was just about sunrise. I was driving north on Woodward towards 11 Mile Road, and was saying out loud to Jesus, "Lord, thank you so much for this amazingly beautiful sunrise that you painted for us, to start our day! It is wonderful!" Just at that moment, I drove past a church that had a large custom-message sign out front (you've seen them). The sign was an electronic sign that rotated between four messages. At the exact moment I looked at it, the message changed to say,

"You are welcome!"

It sent shivers up and down my back because of the coincidence in timing, and the perfectly appropriate double-meaning, and made me believe even more deeply in the reality of Jesus living today and caring about even the little things in our lives.

Submitted by
Jim Deahl-Coy
Ferndale, Michigan

Editor's Commentary: I'd like to talk about Godly Coincidences.

If you don't already believe in God, and if you think of the world through a thoroughly logical lens, you may simply dismiss this type of event as one of those statistical occurrences that will happen every 1000th time there is an event, and conclude that we who report such events are just not reporting the 999 that don't result in any such apparent coincidence, so why make a fuss? Yes, that's logical. I used to think that way too. But there is another dimension to these events that cannot be conveyed easily to someone who has not experienced it.

It's kind of like falling in love or being hand-picked for a promotion or playing music in a band that sounds really good because we each pick up on each other's riffs.  It's the knowledge that someone important knows you well, and values you.  If you tell the story, and others "don't get it", it doesn't diminish the deep satisfaction, the full-headed rush, the feeling of unity that you felt. Those feelings don't leave any evidence behind for other people (except perhaps the broken eardrums you gave someone when you shouted from excitement). But you, the one who experienced it, just know that this was something special, something meaningful. There is more to it than can be conveyed in black and white. You know that you felt it, and it was real, and it was so significant that you want others to know how to have the same good stuff. That's what a Godly Coincidence is about.

Bill Schaef


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Last modified on June 21, 2015

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