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Coincidental Roses for a Jailbird

Godly Coincidences stock image of roses
stock image of roses

Joan Wyss of Royal Oak, Michigan brings flowers every week to the jail ministry at the Oakland County Jail. Often she brings daisies or carnations. This week she was in the florist’s shop and let herself be led by the Holy Spirit, as she likes to do. She felt led to buy roses this time. She brought them to the jail for the worship service for incarcerated women.

After the service, one of the prisoners talked to Joan. She said she had just today completed a nine-day novena (editor’s note: A novena, in the Roman Catholic Church, is a form of devotion consisting of special prayers or services on nine successive days. The Latin word for Nine is Novem.) She said the novena in the name of the Little Flower (the nickname of Saint Therese of Lisieux).

The legend holds that when the novena is over, the person making the novena will receive a shower of roses. But the inmate said to herself that she didn’t expect that part to happen, because she had no way to obtain roses from within the jail. But she was very pleased to find that the roses came to her!

The woman prisoner interpreted the coincidence as God reinforcing that the nine days of prayer were welcomed by Him, and that He was present for her.

Thanks to Joe Van Hagen of Royal Oak, Michigan for bringing this story to our attention. Joe is also a member of the Oakland County Jail Ministry with Joan.

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Joan Wyss
Royal Oak, Michigan

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Last modified on March 19, 2014

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