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Unusual coincidence inspires young lady to produce a play by the former Pope Featured

How Jesus Speaks to Us The Cast of "The Jeweler's Shop", a play by Pope John Paul II, before he was Pope courtesy Danielle Center
The Cast of "The Jeweler's Shop", a play by Pope John Paul II, before he was Pope

A few months ago, Danielle Center, 25, an administrative assistant in the Detroit Archdiocesan Office of Digital Media, was considering doing a production of the play "The Jeweler's Shop", a play written in 1960 by Karol Wojtyla, the Polish priest who would later become Pope John Paul II. She was still undecided when she went to a Lenten retreat in Chicago, which includes the opportunity to go to Confession.

"When I left for the retreat I wondered if I should pray about the play while on retreat and decided against praying. I felt that I would rather just go into the retreat with an open mind and heart to whatever messages God wanted to send my way," she said.

"So, there I was, waiting for my turn to confess, examination of conscience in hand. For some reason, the fellow next to me began chatting about his life in Toronto, and we discovered we both enjoyed theatre. I posed the question, 'If you were to perform any play with your friends, what play would it be?'

"In the next breath, he turned and said, 'Without a doubt, "The Jeweler's Shop."' And then I laughed and told him I was taking this conversation as a sign and that I would look into performing that very show this summer," Center recounted, not without a little embarrassment about laughing while in line for confession.

"I still find it humorous: a man from Toronto sits next to a girl from Detroit in Chicago in line for confession! The odds are so slim it can only have been divinely inspired, right?" she mused.

After the retreat, she followed through and began producing the play. It was performed at St. Dennis Church in Royal Oak, Michigan on July 13 and 14, 2012.

This story posted with permission from Danielle Center.

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