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Virgin Mary appearing to Chaldean Woman in Southeastern Michigan, part 2

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This is a wound from among the wounds of my Son which He gives you, to bear and to share with me in my sufferings.   - The Virgin Mary to the Visionary

This is a follow-up to the posting of January 20, 2013, titled “Virgin Mary appearing to Chaldean Woman in Southeastern Michigan”. I was invited to visit the home of the woman by one of the priests supporting her. The priest gave a Mass at this woman’s home on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. There were about 30 people present, all seated on the family’s furniture and folding chairs. The priest stood in front of the several religion icons that were weeping oil while giving Mass. It was a very worshipful event. There were no curiosity seekers, indicating that every person was individually invited.

The visionary is a Chaldean woman that I would guess is in her 40’s, and she was very humble, peaceful and welcoming to all. I was astonished to find out that just recently she had been in the hospital and was still weak from that experience, but still wanted to open her house to involve others in this miraculous series of events.

The visionary has two sons, and I met them both. One is a football player at a local high school, and the other is in middle school. This woman is married to a man who owns a small business. Their names are withheld to protect them from curiosity seekers and mass media.

The visionary has been undergoing several types of suffering, and she is doing so willingly. She has had unusual and recurring medical problems, lack of support from her extended family, pressure from the local clergy to give up some of the icons, loss of privacy. The Virgin has asked her to share in Her suffering and in the suffering of Her Son. Here are some interactions recorded between the two of them.

Visionary: “I hear the people criticizing me and the visitors wanting oil . Please stop the oozing of the oil so that the people will stop visiting my small house.” The Blessed Virgin Mary answered her: “ This is a wound from among the wounds of my Son which He gives you, to bear and to share with me in my sufferings.

The Visionary was kneeling before the Icon. She was praying and complaining about her financial difficulties and the people’s gossip, who were accusing her with attempting to attract attention and make money. The Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to her: “ Share with me in my sufferings , as I shared in the suffering of my Son , The Innocent One, who shed His Precious Blood for sinners who did not benefit from it. Difficulties and problems will arise. Love and Peace … Love and Peace … Love and Peace .

For the entire time I was attending this Mass on March 6, I felt no tug to go and examine the religious objects that were supposedly oozing oil. My reason was that I got an alternate sense that my eyes didn’t need to be the source of evidence, but that my soul would know without the use of my eyes. That indeed did happen for me while I was in the house. I “just knew”. There was a sense of peace and awe everywhere. I attributed it to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Let me tell you about one thing that I didn’t expect . A woman who looked like a relative of the visionary was in the front row during the Mass, and spent time near the visionary most of the evening. After the Mass ended, she approached me even though she did not know me, and said, “Please, do go to the front and look at the objects. See the oil.” I did that, kind of relieved that I would not come across as a tourist if I had done that on my own. For the sake of this website, I very much had wanted to come away with photos of my own. But it felt wrong to. I did take a close look, and I did see that the statues and the paintings and the crosses all had a thin coating of oil on them. I did not see any flowing or emerging oil in the three minutes I examined them. So, as my own daughter reminds me when I describe to her this kind of God story, “It could be fake, Dad.” I considered at that point that it is possible that these people applied or sprayed oil on all these objects just minutes before the Mass began. It would have been difficult for them, because most of the objects were encased in transparent cubes of Plexiglas. And if they applied the spray with an aerosol, I would have thought that some of the oil would have sprayed on to the inside of the Plexiglas cubes. I didn’t see any such evidence of spraying.

The woman was still standing next to me near the objects, and she smiled gregariously and proudly, and pointed to one small cross laying directly on top of one of the Plexiglas cubes. She said, “Do you see that? That cross came from my son’s bedroom. He died a few months ago. I asked (the visionary) whether I could bring the cross here, and LOOK! It has also started to ooze oil! My son is part of this blessing! He was such a good son! I miss him. But I know for certain where he is now! It makes me so happy!”

She had such an unexpected composure. This woman had just recently lost her son. I would have expected her to be in the same type of mourning phase that I saw my wife go through recently when she lost her brother unexpectedly. But she instead had an apparently deep peace about her. She seemed much more focused on bringing others into this experience than in discussing her own grief. Her smile was not an affectation. I had noticed her mild, confident, loving demeanor from when I was first introduced to the visionary and this woman was standing next to her.

The experience solidified my many earlier impressions that when miracles happen, they are not stand-alone events, meant just to entertain or fascinate. They are not meant just to solve one person’s problem in a surprising way as a gift to one. I’m convinced they act like road signs to point us to a destination, and the destination is a life with Jesus.

Bill Schaef Royal Oak, MI

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Last modified on March 19, 2014

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