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The Shirt Story - God Rewarded Generosity Featured

Selfless Acts The Shirt Story - God Rewarded Generosity

The coincidence was too bloody amazing.

I had been trying to hold out before buying any more business shirts for work, but all of them were starting to show fraying around the collar and thin fabric at the elbows. So I told my wife Mary I wanted to go shopping on the weekend to get ten new shirts to replace the old ones. At $30 a shirt, that would be about $300. She said OK.

Just before the weekend we ran into some friends from another church we hadn’t seen for a while. We had several minutes to chat, so we caught up with all that had happened in the past several months. The husband admitted they were in lean times. He had lost his job, and he had borrowed a computer from a friend to work on resumes and cover letters since he couldn’t afford to even rent one. Then he said, laughing, that the Lord was trying to teach him patience, because the computer’s hard drive broke while he was using it and he didn’t want to return it to its owner in this condition, but it would cost him $300 to repair it, and he didn’t have $300.

After we parted company from our friends, Mary and I debated whether we could help them secretly. They needed $300 more than we did. We decided to go ahead. A day later we realized that we didn’t need to take the $300 from the shirt money; we could take it from the charity budget. So we really didn’t suffer at all.

Yet it seemed that Jesus, in His generous goodness decided to reward the good intent anyway.

A week later, before I had a chance to buy any new shirts, I was visiting a friend named Mike. After dinner, he mentioned that the father of a co-worker of his wife had died and the co-worker gave him several pairs of slacks, gloves and some shirts. The rest fit Mike, but the shirts were too small for him. He asked me if I needed any. I was shocked.

The coincidence was too bloody amazing. I walked out of Mike’s house with 15 almost new business shirts which were exactly my size and preferred style. It was as if Jesus was audibly speaking to me saying, “When you provide for my flock, I will provide for you in greater measure.”

Bill Griffin,
Royal Oak, Michigan

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Last modified on December 29, 2014

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