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True Stories by Real People About Jesus Christ

If you were shopping for a car, you'd probably believe candid reviews by real people more than paid advertisements. That's the premise of this site.

Real Christians share their personal stories about what it means to be a Christian... really. Does it hurt? Is it embarrassing? What does it feel like? Why do you think that way? What has happened in your life that makes you state that Jesus Christ is alive and working today? What motivates you to be so uninterested in the stuff that the rest of us value so much... fame, power, getting what is due to me, playing the game, personal advancement, looking good to the crowd? What is it like to forgive someone you should hate? Have you ever seen or heard from Jesus, even a little? What's He like?

WTNESS.ORG presents a wide variety of stories covering many facets of the Christian life, from real people like you. People in your country. People your age. People with your same concerns. We work with the writers to encourage them to be up-front and candid. Not pushy, not preachy. Down to earth.

And we take pains to ensure these stories are true, and to present them in a credible way. If we hear someone at church or online claiming "Jesus healed my brother from cancer!", we follow up to see if the person is just making a statement of appreciation, or if something objectively remarkable did occur.

If we watch a friend at a grocery store parking lot go over to a poor woman whose child car seat broke, and offer to give her their own child car seat, we might ask the charitable one what prompted her to do that. If she says, "I heard from the Holy Spirit that I need to give my extra child car seat to that poor woman", we engage in conversation to discover what made the person draw that conclusion. We assess the background of the claimant, their apparent soundness of mind, the full sequence of events, thoughts, prayers, and outcomes, to see how Biblically sound this episode is.

If we hear of a story floating around on the internet of a man hearing the Holy Spirit urge him to say words that must be spoken to a small group of people, and he speaks them, and something amazing results from it, then we follow up to locate the source. We assess the credibility, and only if it pans out do we share it here.

The result: True stories by real people about Jesus Christ.

Our hope, frankly, is that you will discover what we have discovered... a great friend.

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