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Experienced a living Jesus while living a sinful life

I am an occasional member of and met a man there who uses the handle OneLight. Based on his over 15,000 postings since 2007, I believe he is no longer just dabbling with Christianity any more. But at one time his life was in really bad shape, mostly due to his own bad choices: After his first marriage ended, he got a second woman pregnant, then married her, and had a second child with her. He admits he ignored her and the child while he overindulged in drugs. After years of self-indulgence and partying, he had the following experience. - Bill Schaef

After turning back to Christ in the 80's, for the second time, I was really trying to understand God and was still wondering if this whole concept was real, or if it was just something to keep people in line, like "Love Thy Neighbor" and "Treat others as you would have them treat you". I had been going to church at an AOG (Assembly of God) in Massachusetts, where I was living at the time. I was not married to the woman that I was living with and still married to my second wife at that time. But, the more I sought God, the more He moved us apart. She soon moved out and lived with a friend that I use to do a lot of drugs with. I had my two oldest kids with me at the time, whom they had come to know her as "Mom". After church one Sunday, the kids wanted to visit her.

We walked over and when we entered the house, she was sitting at the table playing monopoly with my friend and his wife. He was tripping, and she and his wife were drinking. My kids went to play in the other room with his kids. I felt a really strong urge to get away from there. I went into the bathroom before I left and prayed. As I started to pray, in the spirit, I was brought up to what I believe was Heaven, where I was greeted in what looked to be like an outer room, by who I believe was an angel. This angel showed me a way to a larger room. As I entered the room, I saw a throne. Up both sides were bright lights, like flames, 24 of them, 12 per side.

Then, Jesus appeared, sitting on the throne. He spoke three words, "I AM ALIVE", more plainly then if someone right beside me said them. Immediately after I heard those words, I was back in myself, in prayer. I was stunned, but alone in the bathroom.

I understand, that to some, this may seem far-fetched, but allow me to assure you, it is the truth. I was as clean as a whistle and as sober as one could be. Has anyone else ever have an experience like this?

Alan from Lebanon, New Hampshire

Editor's commentary: Alan's story is much more complicated than this, as you can read from the following extended article: His experience is not one of those in which one exposure to God was adequate to totally convert him. He kept going back to the sinful life. While I don't have statistics, I'd venture that many more people turn to God slowly like Alan does. That has been true of my own journey. The call of worldly interests, money, entertainments, and fun can be strong. They make you forget your earlier experiences of God. It's a good thing that God is willing to forgive seventy times seven times, if we go back to Him with a sincere desire to try one more time. (I'm referring to a quote from Jesus in Matthew 18:21-22)

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Last modified on June 06, 2014

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