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Sound of God's Voice

“Take Care of the Needs of Others”

In September, 2012, while praying on my couch at home, I heard I ‘voice’ (not audible, ‘heard’ in the back of my head) which I have come to recognize as the Lord’s voice say, “Think less about your own needs. Think more about others’ needs. You take care of their needs and I’ll take care of yours.”

Soft, confident, authoritative. Not dictatorial. Loving. Friendly. Knowing.

As usual, it said a lot in a little. Here are all the things it meant to me (in addition to the direct and obvious message):

  • It reinforced the idea that as a Christian, I must die to myself.…

What God’s Voice Sounds Like – (reported experience #7)

"God spoke to me one day. Loud and clear… "You are going to move somewhere far away."

My job was a nightmare. Actually, my boss was a nightmare. He seemed to want me fired, and to be trying very hard to set me up for it. Things were a mess.

I'd actually had a string of bosses who'd been difficult to work for, but this one took the cake. It didn't start out that way, in fact it started out quite differently. When I'd first arrived for my assignment in Memphis, my boss and I got along fantastically... in fact, all the bosses in the region were great. Everyone focused on working…


Tell her "God hates mommies and daddies” (what?!)

"I'm not going to embarrass myself by saying that You hate mommies and daddies. I can't."

Graham Cooke received this message from the Holy Spirit, and overcame his own doubts about whether it would serve God's love to speak it out loud, and who spoke it in a room full of people. It's amazing what happened.

[Graham Cooke] tells the story of being invited to a church in England. Following the Sunday morning service, the pastor invites him to his house for dinner. When he arrives at the house he is introduced to some of the church elders as well as to a young lady whom he is told…


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